education day

Education Day will take place on Wednesday 17 May at the Seattle Convention Center from 8:30- 17:00 in Ballroom 6BC on the 6th Floor. Coffee Breaks and Lunch will take place on Ballroom 6E, next door. Please be sure to print your badge at registration prior to arriving at the session.

 This is an optional add-on fee to your registration, or you can choose to attend Education Day only without registering for the Annual Meeting. The fee includes Education Day, coffee breaks and lunch. Speakers are added to the program below as confirmed and is subject to change.

8:30Welcome and opening remarks
Tom Driedonks, Muller Fabbri, Edwin van der Pol, Metka Lenassi, Uta Erdbruegger, Dolores Di Vizio
8:40 Novel EV-related educational materials
Joshua Welsh
8:55 Quiz
Tom Driedonks, Muller Fabbri, Edwin van der Pol 
From Cell to Tube Moderated by Edit Buzas
9:15 EV release and uptake 
Alissa Weaver
9:30 EV cargo delivery
Olivier de Jong
9:45 Sample collection
Dylan Burger
10:00Panel discussion
Alissa Weaver, Olivier de Jong, Dylan Burger, Edit Buzas
10:20 Coffee Break
EV Isolation Methods Moderated by Ken Witwer
11:15 The pros and cons of EV isolation methods
An Hendrix
11:30 Rigor and standardization 
Rienk Nieuwland
11:45 Practical tips and tricks
Tom Driedonks
12:00 Panel discussion
An Hendrix, Rienk Nieuwland, Tom Driedonks, Ken Witwer 

12:20 Lunch
EV characterization methods
Moderated by John Nolan
13:30 The pros and cons of EV characterization methods
Edwin van der Pol
13:45 Rigor and standardization in flow cytometry
Vera Tang
14:00 Rigor and standardization in -omics
Suresh Mathivanan
14:15 Practical tips and tricks
Rossella Crescitelli
14:30 Overview of novel development
Randy Carney
14:45Panel discussion
John Nolan, Edwin van der Pol, Vera Tang, Suresh Mathivanan, Rossella Crescitelli, Randy Carney 
15:05 Coffee Break
From Bench to Bedside Moderated by Mario Gimona
15:40 EVs as therapy agents
Ahmed Ibrahim
15:55 EVs as biomarkers 
Inge Mertens
16:10 Regulatory affairs: An ISEV-ISCT Joint Presentation
Sai Kiang Lim, Chair, ISCT Exosomes Committee
16:25 Panel discussion
Ahmed Ibrahim, Sai Kiang, Mario Gimona. Inge Martens
16:45 Quiz answers
17:00 Closing remarks