Download Abstract Guidelines

Click on the button below to download the abstract guidelines. Please review before submitting your abstract.


Abstract Book

The ISEV2023 Abstract Book can be found here. Late Breaking Abstracts will be added in a supplement after the conference.

ISEV2023 Oral Presentation Information

  • Featured Abstract and Presentations should not be longer than 12 minutes with 3 minutes Q&A, for a total of 15 minutes.
  • Oral with Poster Presentations should not be longer than 6 minutes with no Q&A. 
  • Please bring your presentation to the speaker ready room prior to your presentation in Suite C on the 6th Floor. Below are the hours. We recommend those who are speaking later in the week allow for those speaking at the beginning of the week to wait until Thursday to begin uploading your presentations. 
    • Tuesday 16 May- 16:00- 18:00 
    • Wednesday 17 May- 7:00- 16:00
    • Thursday 17 May- 8:00- 16:00
    • Friday 18 May- 8:00- 16:00
    • Saturday 19 May- 8:00- 16:00
    • Sunday 20 May- 8:00- 12:00 

ISEV2023 Poster Presentation Information

Poster Boards will be landscape and 46.69" high by 82" wide - see image below:

  • Poster Presenters must be registered for ISEV2023. 
  • Presenters are responsible for printing and bringing their poster to ISEV2023. 
  • Presenters do not need to submit their poster prior to the meeting.
  • Poster sessions on Thursday and Friday only: presenters can hang their posters starting at 10:00 in the hall.
  • Poster sessions for Saturday only: presenters can hang their posters starting at 11:00 in the hall.
  • As a reminder, this year we will have three separate poster sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so it is imperative that you remove your poster from your board on time, to make time for the next day's presenter.
  • It is requested that presenters stand by their posters during their designated poster session and give a 2-minute pitch on their poster. 
  • Push pins will be supplied at each board to hang posters.
  • Please use a clear typeface for the text on your poster. The poster should include the title and author information. 
  • Instructions on where to hang your poster Hall 4A will be sent prior to the start of ISEV2023.