The scholarship application period has ended for ISEV2023.
ISEV Scholarships are intended to support researchers in pursuing their studies in extracellular vesicles through attendance at ISEV2023.

Young Investigator/

Early Career Research

New Parent

Low Income Country/

Underrepresented Countries

Special Circumstances

Eligibility Criteria for Young Researcher Scholarship:

  • You must hold a membership with ISEV that is active
  • You must be a Junior Researcher who does not have a terminal degree (PhD, MD, DVM, etc.) or has obtained the terminal degree "within the four years prior to ISEV2023 (May 2023)".  A Senior Researcher is ">4 years from" the terminal degree"
  • You must be the presenting author of an abstract submitted for oral presentation
  • You must not have received an ISEV Scholarship in the past 3 years
  • You confirm that if selected, you will participate at the closing ceremony to receive the scholarship and the certificate

Eligibility Criteria for New Parent, Low Income Country/Underrepresented Countries, and Special Circumstances:

  • You must hold a membership with ISEV that is active
  • You must be a presenting author of submitted abstract for ISEV2023
  • You were not a recipient of an ISEV scholarship/award the previous year